Industrial Advantage

With increasing of labor cost, demographic dividend for labor-intensive enterprises is reduced year by year. Technique bonus which towards to mechanization and automation becomes the key of economic development.Most domestic hardware parts manufacturer are still carry on traditional and resource-wasted secondary process such as handtapping or automatic tapping machine. When the new technology of stamping and tapping intergrated is adopted by using in-die tapping machine, more and more enterpises choose this way to improve labor shortage and reduce labor cost upsurge.The in-die tapping technology has taken a huge change for hardware manufacturing enterprises with personnel reduction, efficiency promotion and quality improvement.



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Product Features
Operating Principle
Working Scope
Processing Materials
Operating Principle

FOUROCEAN in-die tapping machine is a professional thread forming device. Since stamping and tapping are integrated in one process,it can avoid products tapping restriking, lower the costs,raise the productivity,and thread is much preciser and firmer.It suitable for progressive die and stretch form die. This tapping solution is a kind of tecnique with a bright future. The working principle is transformed into extrusion screwtap's rotation by the up-down movement of punching slider to finish thread forming.



●  Applicable to any punch travels;

●  (Range from M1-M45 or 1-64 to 1/2 "-20)

●  The use of chipless taper tapping, high precision thread, good strength, tap long life

●  Taps change quickly, just 1 minute to complete.

●  Suitable for tapping holes and blind holes

●  Installation mode has two kinds of fixed and floating, according to customer requirements can accurately locate the installation

●  According to product requirements, you can shape the left or right screw thread

●  Ensure the high accuracy of threads with 6 points concentric collet.

●  The use of double insurance in-mold tapping protection device, so that stamping tapping safe and fast

●  Configuration and punch the same period of the signal fog atomization cooling lubrication system WD-10, fuel-efficient, good cooling effect

●  Fast, up to 150 holes / min, high efficiency. For example, a attack 4 holes × 120SPM up to 480 holes / per minute tapping

●  Model compact, does not occupy the mold space, does not affect the cost of molding, flexible installation design

●  There are single hole type, porous type, horizontal type, modular type, servo drive series models, to meet the stamping industry, a variety of application conditions.

●  Precision parts to ensure the quality of the machine, are imported from Germany, made of alloy materials.

●  According to customer needs to provide special tapping models, tapping machine tapping holes unlimited

●  Design flexibility, standard or special specifications, more than ten years of experience, professional services, can correspond to a variety of different conditions to provide the best installation design, analysis and guidance.


Working Scope

●  Punch Strock: Can be used for any strokes.

●  Tapping Size: Metric thread from M0.6 to M45 or corresponding inch UNC/UNF/BSW thread.

●  Screwtap Type: Chipless extrusion screwtap.

●  Thread Grade: General precision thread.Passed through JIS,SIN,ANSI,ISO quality system certification.

●  Depth of Thread: ≤ 1.5d(d means tapping size) or within 15mm for standard model.

●  Tapping speed: ≤ 120S.P.M (specialty proposal),max.speed up to 150 S.P.M.

●  Acceptance standard: To pass thread gauge or torque test.


Processing Materials

Generally,we can tap the materials with good plasticity by using this way, such as low-carbon steel, stainless steel,aluminum(alloyed aluminum), brass and red copper plate.